After a long wedding season in New Zealand, I headed to the Northern Hemisphere to continue capturing images.  After a quick visit in California I headed to the promised land of Norway for Voss Extreme Sports Week or Ekstremsportveko as its known there.  I met up with a group of great friends keen to kayak every day and help me capture daily videos for the event.  Every year this event seems to be able to step up its game and provide the greatest entertainment in Extreme Sports.  With the Substantial Media House guys and a crew of the best paddlers around we set off to capture amazing whitewater.  Because the event is so diverse you are not able to get out to see all the sports happening each day.  This is where we come in.  There is a film crew that heads out daily to capture the different sports and they are shown daily before the concert to all visitors to the event.  Here is the first of many videos we produced during the week.  

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