Tonight I teamed up with Mike Dawson to shoot a project we have both wanted to do for a while.   I was sent this cool light for the Gopro by a company called Knog from Australia to test out and we finally got the chance tonight.  It is such a bring light with a few settings to get the right exposures.  I fired the Gopro with the iPhone app from the bank as mike kayaked through the slalom gates on the river.  I set the Gopro up manually to get the best results.  Firstly to avoid it trying to brighten up the darkness I set it to max ISO of 200 and had it set on Spot Metering so it exposed only to the light on Mike.  We then moved the camera back and forth on the boat to find the best point of crispness and this is the result.  I am pretty happy and impressed by the results of a photo from a Gopro with the Knog lighting attachment.  

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