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On Saturday 7th November 2015 I worked with IN THE FRAME MEDIA as a second shooter for a wedding in Rotorua at Hamurana Springs and reception at RYDGES HOTEL. I have worked for Thomas on a number of occasions now and we have developed a seamless approach to getting all the shots he needs to tell the story of the couples wedding.  I met the groom at the venue in the morning and got shots of them setting up while Thomas was with the Bride at the hotel.  At 1pm we met back and the venue and set up the cameras and went over the plan for the ceremony.  Wedding videos capture something that photos don't and this is an important thing to think about when planning your wedding.  Hamurana Springs in Rotorua is a great venue for a wedding which offers a number of spectacular spots close by for photography and video shots. After the ceremony we got a few shots around the trees before heading to the lake for a couple of drone shots at the jetty.  Drones are relatively new to weddings but offer a unique perspective of the area.  I first worked with Thomas on a drone shoot and then as a second shooter offering drone if the weather permits. With the combined gear between us he is able to cover all bases and create spectacular wedding videos.  For more information on wedding videos feel free to contact me or head over to In The Frame Media website for more on their work.  

If you are looking for a photographer in the Rotorua area click the enquire button and arrange a time to talk. 



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