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I first met Anton in Canada in 2006 while competing in the World Freestyle Kayak Championships.  He was in team Sweden and myself team NZ.  We both followed the same nomadic kayaking path following this and eventually we crossed paths in Uganda, Nepal and Norway over the years.  After a few summers filming at Ekstremsportveko with Anton he asked me to shoot his wedding! I was immediately on board and even more stoked to be able to shoot it with our friend and Ugandan video boss Davey.  I met Rachel for the first time during one of our Norway seasons and although we haven't hung out very much it feels like we are very close friends! Anton tells me while searching for venues and tentatively deciding on one on top of a hill near San Francisco he then decided to fly his speed wing down to the beach.  On landing he meets a family who have a wedding venue on the beach and the rest is history.  After a flight in from Norway I find myself at the venue looking out over the Pacific Ocean with Whales jumping and the fog passing by! A stunning setting for a great wedding.  Working alongside Davey was awesome and I strongly suggest looking at the option of having two shooters at your wedding! One of my favourite moments was looking through the trees and the sun was setting. I ran back to the dance floor and grabbed Anton, Rachel and Davey and Tyler jumped in for support.  We literally ran down the beach to get there in time for the sun setting.  I had my flash batteries charging so I was scrambling to get them in.  I gave Tyler the flash with the off camera receiver attached.   Davey was already shooting so both Anton and Rachel were ready to go.  I turned around, lifted the camera and started shooting.  Tyler had the flash lined up perfectly and we got some great results! Cheers to everyone for such an amazing week! For more photos check out their page here

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