Josh and Steph are award winning aerial specialists focusing on aerial photography and videography for events, weddings, real estate and much more. If you need a shot from above we can make that happen.  We are based in Rotorua but available to travel and can provide high definition photos and video for any project.  Josh has precision flying skills and Steph is a skilled camera operator which enables you to get the exact shots you need.  Aerial photography is the best way to show off your property, business or event.  For a detailed quote for you specific requirements enquire now.  You will not be disappointed!


Video Production -

We can provide the highest quality video production for any project. With years of experience in action sports, promotional, wedding and athlete videos no job is too big or too small! We have worked with olympic athletes, tourism operations and the largest brands and events in the world. 

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Real Estate -

Are you looking at selling a house or farm. We can provide high resolution photos and video to accompany your sales pitch.  Aerial photography and videography provides a unique perspective and an overview of property unseen from land.  Let us help you sell your property! 

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Sporting and Event Videos -

We have years of experience covering a range of sporting events both in New Zealand and Internationally.  We can not only cover your event from the ground but add perspective by getting up above the action with our top of the line drones. 

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Wedding Videos -

You can either book us to shoot your whole wedding with additional aerial videography for a unique video or get us to shoot alongside your videographer and provide them with amazing images of your day.  We have worked with a number of wedding providers with amazing results. 

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